Whiskey Wonderland

smoke shop
highland park 12 yr scotch, tobacco apple cordial, amaro and bitters

frosty the julep
wintery spiced peppermint julep topped with snow

krisp kringle
swedish punch, almond amontillado, rye whiskey, lemon, clove

Solstice Sours

twin peaks
mezcal and pine liqueur have the last word

death to winter
el dorado 12 yr rum, lime, pineapple and house falernum

sage what you want to sage
dry vodka highball with sage and champagne

Some Like It Hot…

taun taun toddy
perfect thing to warm you up on Hoth

el capitan
strong rum with hints of fruit flavors

spice is life! wire works aged gin pairs well with saffron

Don’t be bitter, Drink Bitter!

left hand of darkness
jim beam black, campari, carpano, cynar – such a balance!

jewel of oaxaca
strong bitter riff on a bijou, with mezcal and rosemary

trinidad medicine
a lot of angostura bitters with scotch, ginger, lemon and honey


spicy caramel popcorn ~ $3
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

house pickles ~ $5
mix of seasonal veggies, spiced and pickled in house

russian cheese salad ~ $5
cheddar cheese whipped together with carrots, garlic, salt and pepper

spicy house sausage ~ $10
potato bun, with kimchi relish

carrot miso dog ~ $5
roasted carrot, glazed with miso, topped with caramelized onions

pork skewer ~ $7

mushroom skewer ~ $5

foie gras skewer ~ $15

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    • Omakase is back!January 5, 2017

      On Sundays at 7pm you can get a taste sensation served at the counter over looking the Journeyman Restaurant kitchen.  You’ll get 9 exquisite plates and 6 creative cocktails to pair with them.  $160 per person, which already has gratuity included.  Come let us cook and mix for you!


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