assam mr. t
suntory toki, pear, vermouth, assam tea (it’s awesome!)

subtle tea
darjeeling infused redemption rye, privateer amber rum, vermouth, amaro, maple (mmm… fall manhattan)

flowering bols
aged bols genever with lapsang souchung, chamomile, lemon (a refreshing tea service)


averna highball
tall bitter and refreshing with averna lime and black pepper

amber apples
avua cachaca, angostura amaro, apple cider and cinnamon

forging the ford
ford’s gin with apricot, lemon and vermouth


magical mezcal mystery cure
…is waiting to take you away

battle of antietam
since we’re headed towards another civil war probably

smoke n sherry
laphroaig scotch with lustau amontillado and cinnamon


Oaxacan Stick
espolon 6 yr, mushroom mezcal cordial, burnt sage, mushroom skewer

The Diplomat
diplomatico ambassador, chartreuse v.e.p. , cigar infused apple brandy

Golden Spike
riff on rusty nail with laphroaig cairdeas, drambuie 15 infused with saffron and honey


spicy caramel popcorn ~ $3
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

house pickles ~ $5
mix of seasonal veggies, spiced and pickled in house

russian cheese salad ~ $5
cheddar cheese whipped together with carrots, garlic, salt and pepper

hot dog ~ $8
carmelized onions, homemade hot dog, ’nuff said

carrot miso dog ~ $5
glazed in miso, this roasted carrot tastes great with kimchee mayo

pork skewer ~ $7
mushroom skewer ~ $5

foie gras skewer ~ $15

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