Get here for Ramen!!!

Our ramen is so good that we keep running out!!!  This is just a reminder of when you can (and can’t) get our delicious ramen!

*Monday and Tuesday = 4pm to 10:30pm*

*Wednesday through Sunday = 4pm to 5:30pm*

So make sure you’re here early to enjoy a hot bowl of ramen on these cold wintery afternoons!

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New Years Eve at backbar!

backbar is throwing our annual TWO New Years Eve parties!

tickets are on sale now and they’re going fast!

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Gin & Beetlejuice!

Thank you Grand Ten for making another cocktail flight happen! This Sunday we’re inspired by the movie Beetlejuice, so we are offering a cocktail experience with drinks based on the movie. It starts at 10pm on November 2nd!

Buy your tickets here

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New Fall Menu!

Have you tried the Bitter Dove? Mezcal, grapefruit liqueuer and mexican fernet have never tasted so good together!

What about our Remember the (apple) Maine with rye, apple brandy, vermouth and cherry heering. It has a smidge of absinthe to give it just the right amount of kick.

Maybe you’re more of a scotch drinker? Than you need to try the Missing Link with smokey Laphroiag scotch, vermouth, benedictine and bitters. It’s served at room temperature so it’s akin to sipping on a complex glass of whiskey neat. Perfect for these chillier days coming up!

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backbar CLOSED for TOTC Wednesday to Sunday!

It’s that time of year again my friends. That special time in July when thousands of bartenders from all over the world find themselves in the second best city in America. I’m talking about New Orleans baby!  backbar will be closed for the duration! We’re getting in a van (right now!) and driving 1500 miles south and then setting up backbar on friday night! We’re in the Bar Fight Club 2014 and we’re going to win! #cityofchampions

backbar will be closed wednesday July 16th to Sunday the 20th. We’ll see you Monday night and we’ll all be drinking out of trophies!

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  • 7 Sanborn Court, Union Square

    Somerville, MA 02143directions

  • 617.718.0249

  • Open 7 days

    Genius Hour

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    • no ramen :( but….April 7, 2016

      There is no ramen at backbar right now while journeyman is under renovations. But who knows what deliciousness might be just around the corner when our new wood fire stove comes in? I can guarantee it’ll be amazing!


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