New Fall Menu!

Have you tried the Bitter Dove? Mezcal, grapefruit liqueuer and mexican fernet have never tasted so good together!

What about our Remember the (apple) Maine with rye, apple brandy, vermouth and cherry heering. It has a smidge of absinthe to give it just the right amount of kick.

Maybe you’re more of a scotch drinker? Than you need to try the Missing Link with smokey Laphroiag scotch, vermouth, benedictine and bitters. It’s served at room temperature so it’s akin to sipping on a complex glass of whiskey neat. Perfect for these chillier days coming up!

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backbar CLOSED for TOTC Wednesday to Sunday!

It’s that time of year again my friends. That special time in July when thousands of bartenders from all over the world find themselves in the second best city in America. I’m talking about New Orleans baby!  backbar will be closed for the duration! We’re getting in a van (right now!) and driving 1500 miles south and then setting up backbar on friday night! We’re in the Bar Fight Club 2014 and we’re going to win! #cityofchampions

backbar will be closed wednesday July 16th to Sunday the 20th. We’ll see you Monday night and we’ll all be drinking out of trophies!

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backbar is CLOSED for July 4th

Happy Birthday America! backbar will be raising a glass to you!  We are closed so that our staff can enjoy this beautifully stormy day!

We will be back open for business on Saturday, July 5th!     So we’ll see you then at 4pm!

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backbar in Bar Fight Club!

In New Orleans every year there is a conference that puts all other conferences to shame. It’s called Tales of the Cocktail and it brings together bartenders and enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy everything cocktail. Seminars, tastings, competitions and parties!

One of the biggest events of the week long extravaganza is called the Bar Fight Club. On Friday night six of the best cocktail bars in the country set up shop in one venue and throw down. They are trying to recreate their unique and amazing bar program in a new space. This year backbar is representing Boston in this amazingly fun competition. Wish us luck! (And if you’re down there that night, plan on coming and supporting us!)

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#SpaceNerds Cocktail Week!

You want to know who loves cocktails? Star Wars nerds like us! This week we’ve been celebrating all things nerdy and punny with Star Wars and Cocktails!  Starting on 5/4 (May the Fourth be with you!) we’ve been making cocktails like “Red 5 Standing By” or the “Vieux or Vieux not there is no rye” (a play on the classic Vieux Carre cocktail!)

Whether you like drinks, or like Star Wars, come by and laugh and drink with us! Festivities come to a close on Sunday for our sold out party starting at 8pm!

Find out more information here:

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