classic cocktails ~ $12

improved whiskey cocktail
just like an old fashioned but with absinthe and maraschino 

royal daisy
beefeater 24 gin, royal combier and fresh lemon juice; it’s wicked taht!

peach julep
glenrothes scotch and brandy infused with roasted peaches, with mint and ice

modern inspirations ~ $12

tomato and tonic
mezcal, averna and lime with fresh muddled cherry tomatoes and chipotle tabasco topped with tonic water

chris kattan
mango & jalapeño infused mead, with rum, lime and curaçao

joco elyxir
absolut elyx with lime syrup, King’s ginger, coconut water and then topped with a coconut, coffee, fluff foam

tradesman ~ $8

backbar boilermaker
coors original with a cold shot of R&B

campari collins
yup, exactly as it sounds with campari, soda, lemon and sugar

pimms time out
take a break with pimms, cucumber and ginger


current choices ~  price varies

milk punch of the season
Mary Rockett’s original formula with new ingredients

drink of the week
taste the flavor we’re focused on

drink of the day
find out what has inspired us today

bartender’s choice
pick your spirit and your fruit (or lack there of)


spicy caramel popcorn~ $3 or $8 (with bacon)
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

bread + butter ~ $3
housemade bread served with salted butter

warm assorted olives ~ $4
with hot peppers & extra-virgin olive oil

crackers an ~ $6
russian cheese salad with veggie dip

cheese ~ $20
three cheeses served with nuts and fruits


pork buns ~ $8
soy braised pork belly, daikon slaw on steamed buns

yu hsiang eggplant buns ~ $8
a different take on the classic chinese take out

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