singapore sling for two
bacardi infused with gin and tiki spice in the classic from raffles hotel

green caipirinha
brazilian favorite poured over arugula ice cubes 

flopsy & mopsy
chamomile tea infused gin sour


rye’s and shine
rye, raspberry, lemon and maraschino

pinwheel swizzle
dark rum, campari, apricot, lime, goodness

hay there
bison grass vodka, pamplemousse, lime, dolin genopy


ultra violet
light up your night with a reversed aviation

the colonist
heavy on the vermouth, heavy on flavor

czech yo’ self
galliano, lemon, spice, czech fernet


pineapple express
sage liqueur and green chartreuse make this dry highball

scottish spring
floral rob roy will go down too easy

banana maker
coors banquet beer with banana


spicy caramel popcorn ~ $3
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

house pickles ~ $5
mix of seasonal veggies, spiced and pickled in house

russian cheese salad ~ $4
cheddar cheese whipped together with carrots, garlic, salt and pepper

italian sausage ~ $8
homemade bun, homemade sausage, ’nuff said

carrot miso dog ~ $5
glazed in miso, this roasted carrot tastes great with kimchee mayo

duck skewer ~ $7
mushroom skewer ~ $5

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