classic cocktails ~ $12

pimms for two
house pimms cup made for two people

east india cocktail
it’s a blue version of the classic

queen’s park swizzle
rum, lime, sugar, mint and bitters spices make this exactly what you want this summer

modern inspirations ~ $12

smoke & mirrors
be surprised and amazed by the balance of gran classico bitter, scotch and lime!

every rose has it’s thorn
it’s a foggy, rainy day in the garden…

child’s play
josh child’s played on a drink, then we played on his play

tradesman ~ $8

banana stand
we both know you want to drink this dry cocktail with rum, cynar, salt and banana

barrel loco
try this crazy blend of tequila, bourbon, chartreuse, chocolate and jalapeno that we stuck in a barrel

bonal highball
shhh… don’t tell the other drinks, but this is the best drink on the menu

current choices ~  price varies

milk punch of the season
Mary Rockett’s original formula with new ingredients

drink of the week
taste the flavor we’re focused on

drink of the day
find out what has inspired us today

bartender’s choice
pick your spirit and your fruit (or lack there of)


spicy caramel popcorn ~ $3 or $8 (with bacon)
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

house pickles ~ $5
mix of seasonal veggies, spiced and pickled in house

russian cheese salad ~ $4
cheddar cheese whipped together with carrots, garlic, salt and pepper


house hot dog ~ $5
homemade bun, homemade hotdog, ’nuff said

carrot miso dog ~ $5
glazed in miso this roasted carrot tastes great with kimchee mayo

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    • closed mondays :( but…July 27, 2015

      we’re closed on mondays still… BUT we’re going to be starting awesome pop-up on tuesdays featuring Vadim, our awesome charcutiere!  Stay tuned for more details, but spoiler alert the first one is going to be a lawnmower party where we drink beer and eat gourmet american sausages!


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