classic cocktails ~ $12

beautiful jewels of gin, chartreuse and vermouth

bayroc special
is it summer yet? try this blend of rum, drambuie and nutmeg infused lime

el diablo
devilishly delicious mix of agave spirits with lime, cassis and ginger beer

modern inspirations ~ $12

scotch & tea
want a little scotch with your smoke? try lemon, tea syrup and a show

green courage
be bold and try our olive oil and mint infused gin with fresh lemon and sugar

don’t get scared away from having this reversed manhattan with amaro montenegro, bourbon, fernet branca and orange bitters

tradesman ~ $8

r & b
rye and benedictine served undiluted and very very cold

hickory hound
greyhound variant with vermouth and bitters

choke up!
step up to the plate and try this whiskey sour with cynar, lemon, sugar and bitters!

current choices ~  price varies

milk punch of the season
Mary Rockett’s original formula with new ingredients

drink of the week
taste the flavor we’re focused on

drink of the day
find out what has inspired us today

bartender’s choice
pick your spirit and your fruit (or lack there of)


spicy caramel popcorn~ $3 or $8 (with bacon)
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

bread + butter ~ $3
housemade bread served with salted butter

warm assorted olives ~ $4
with hot peppers & extra-virgin olive oil

crackers an ~ $6
russian cheese salad with veggie dip

cheese ~ $20
three cheeses served with nuts and fruits


pork buns ~ $8
soy braised pork belly, daikon slaw on steamed buns

yu hsiang eggplant buns ~ $8
a different take on the classic chinese take out

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  • Open 7 days
    Genius Hour

  • From our Blog

    • Come have a Tipperary with Grand Ten Irish WhiskeyMarch 13, 2014

      Our drink of the week right now is the classic Tipperary cocktail featuring Grand Ten South Boston Irish Whiskey, Dolin Sweet Vermouth and Green Chartreuse. It’s a rich blend of flavors, harmoniously making up a herbal smooth manhattan like drink.


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