classic cocktails ~ $12

sazerac toddy
hot toddy meets a sazerac and it has an absinthe foam!

improved tuxedo
sexy precursor to the modern day martini, with gin, sherry, maraschino and absinthe

we make our deliciously rich eggnog with scotch, rum, and brandy

modern inspirations ~ $12

trinidad & toboggan
see what we did there? drink lots of Angostura bitters with winter flavors!

vermont flavors coming at you! whiskey, amaro and smoked maple syrup

persimmon ribbon
seasonal margarita with persimmon and spice

tradesman ~ $8

improper scaffa
brandy, pear, amaro and maraschino served at room temperature

dark star
this bitter daiquiri is so good that it has it’s own unescapable gravity

upside down absinthe
funky rum, absinthe, mexican fernet and cinnamon poured over a pineapple ice cube

current choices ~  price varies

milk punch of the season
Mary Rockett’s original formula with new ingredients

drink of the week
taste the flavor we’re focused on

drink of the day
find out what has inspired us today

bartender’s choice
pick your spirit and your fruit (or lack there of)


spicy caramel popcorn ~ $3 or $8 (with bacon)
buttery, sweet, + a hint of heat

house pickles ~ $5
mix of seasonal veggies, spiced and pickled in house

vegetable chips and dip ~ $4
ever changing Journeyman chips served with savory dip

shoshito peppers ~ $8
japaneses jalapenos, salted & charred with kimchee mayo


pork buns ~ $8
soy braised pork belly, daikon slaw on steamed buns

yu hsiang eggplant buns ~ $8
a different take on the classic chinese take out

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